Wednesday, May 28, 2014

SO...I painted this painting see...

It's my first "commissioned" piece, and I am really proud with how it turned out. BFF gave me a general idea of what he wanted to see - PBR being poured on a buy riding a penny farthing holding an umbrella - and I took it from there. I have grown a lot as an artist in my life, and I am still finding my voice and my style, and I am always learning and improving and practicing...and for that I am even more grateful.

I'm not sure what my favourite part is, the beer can or the hand! I have previously really sucked at drawing and painting hands...but this looks like a real hand!! I was actually very relaxed, and very excited to work on this. I knew I was going to have a happy customer no matter what, and it was so liberating to create without that pressure. So much so, that I found I wasn't even putting undue pressure on myself. I had a vision, and I executed it, and for all the artists out there, you know how hard that can be sometimes.

When it was all finished, I asked Lucas what he thought. And as he looked closer at it, he smiled and said: "That beer can looks just like the beers you drink! Mom, you're a real artist!"

And Dan really loves it. But he's an easy audience to please.

Success, all across the board. Perhaps I need to keep working on this "painting thing"...tee hee!


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  1. This is awesome!! I love the quirky elements, colors, and dimension! Jealous of your painting skills!


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