Friday, May 02, 2014

Worst. Book.

I very rarely stop reading a book that I have started. In fact I can only think of three times this has happened. The first was a book by Joseph Campbell (I think) about myths and I got really frustrated and "shouty". *cough*idiot*cough*. The second was Kite Runner, which may surprise people because it's such a popular, moving, blah-de-blah book. But I got to a point in it and I was just sick with what was happening and what I knew was coming next, and I couldn't continue. And the third time was the book on the right.
I love Douglas Coupland. I own and cherish many of his other books. I love his characters, his imagination, his heightened reality. But this one was too rough. It wasn't just that the language was explicit and raunchy. Everything just felt way too extreme, too over-the-top. It felt like it was trying to be explicit just to be explicit. Granted I only made it through a couple dozen pages, but the ick never went away. I just felt slimey and uncomfortable reading it. Like I needed a bath. And an old priest and a new priest.

Boo-urns Mr. Coupland. Boo-urns.


  1. Good old Joseph Campbell! :) I did some of his stuff at uni but I just remember it being academic-dry. I know what you mean about explicit for the sake of it. Started reading a book the other day which opened with a torture scene and was just like 'Nope.' Tried about 6 pages and just gave up.

  2. I've never read anything Douglas Coupland - where should I start? Obviously not with Worst. Person. Ever. Haha! I am one of those people who cannot stop reading, even if it's totally horrible (which would explain why I read all three 50 shades books in a day and then showered. Eight times. Don't share that with anyone ;)), but I totally get stopping because you feel ick (I've done it with one or two books - probably should have with the aforementioned books...)...

    That wasn't even my real reason for commenting though! I wanted to say that I loved your "About Lisa" post on TM's blog and wanted to say that "I TOTALLY GET THAT YOU LOVE YOUR RACERBACK BRA!!!!" I bought one last month and want it in eighteen different colors. I just didn't feel it was appropriate to yell out on their blog :) I also wonder if we love the same one. Haha.

    And lastly (ending my novel here, promise!), I'm glad you're back here. I was still checking your blog periodically... Need my Lisa fix :)


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