Thursday, May 01, 2014

On Scrapbooking

There is a constant battle waging within my heart and mind re: scrapbooking.

On one side, I truly do consider this an expression of art. And I need my art, let me tell ya!

I love telling these stories with a measure of creativity. I love picking papers, and choosing tiny finnicky things to go on layouts. I love finding the perfect title, and writing sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. I love going back through my books and reliving all these moments. I love the colour and the LIFE I see here. I love the words and the love I see and feel oozing out of the patterns and the smiles and the dates.

I hate the space it takes up, both the completed albums and all the STUFF that comes with. Sometimes I hate the memories. Many have become bittersweet to me now. I hate the consumerism that tends to accompany this hobby as well. Buy new! Buy more! Buy buy buy! I am not a buyer. I have kind of tackled this one for myself, but it's still hard not to fall into the trap. I hate knowing that all of this stuff is ultimately just stuff.

Until I figure out a better way forward, I guess I just have to take the bad with the good. And the good is oh so good!


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  1. Your scrapbooking looks amazing! You should be so proud of it. And I'm sure you can do a lot without buying all the scrapbooking pazaz, by just reusing stuff. I think it's amazing to look back on and hold the memories. But then I'm definitely a memory hoarder too. I keep theatre tickets and brochures for too much. :)


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