Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Just keep swimming

My Dad's company rented out the WEM Waterpark one Sunday morning, and he picked up tickets for his kids, and their kids and we made quite the morning out of it.
It was literally the most "Family Fun" you can have in a bathing suit. This was one day I wasn't totally cursing my new shitty Bat-Camera. I mean, look at all these wet shots! I even got a couple of us going down the water slides!

These are the people I want to grow old with...

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  1. Hi there! I came over here from Electra's site. Your blog is hilarious and I love it - I'm Jewish so Chutzpah is in the Genes! Could you please put up a Subscribe by Email so I can read you every will make my day!!! You say much of what I would only think about many of the topics I am involved in. I LOVE IT!!!! samara navi


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