Monday, March 10, 2014

My Tips To De-Stress

1. Make a list.
My job is the catch-all of jobs. I do a bunch of little things, and these things are constant and yet also constantly changing. It is enough to make me go crazy just trying to complete my ridiculously long daily to-do list, let alone tackling the "fun" add ons that happen continuously throughout the day. But if I can see ALL the tasks I need/want to complete in a day laid out before me, and I can cross things off as I complete them I feel much more in control.

2. Prioritize that damn list!
My bio teach in grade 12 used to say "priorize" and this was no end of amusement to my friend and I. Anyhoo, sorry what? Back on topic...not everything on your list is top priority! Whether you divide things up by due date, or daily items vs. more long-term projects, things will become even more manageable. My boss has this habit of making everything seem like a TOP PRIORITY, even though he knows it isn't. (Steve, I am looking at you.) And sometimes I forget that he does this, and I get even more stressed! Until I put things in the perspective of my list, and then some of that initial stress loses its bite.

Take another.

4. Step away from the [insert thing here that is driving you crazy].
For me, this means turning off my computer screen for my entire lunch break. I can doodle, or write a letter, or read a book, but I CANNOT do anything on the computer. Not even blog. This really helps me enjoy and take advantage of that downtime.

5. Take time just for you!
Do something silly, or something serious. If it is something you love, something that makes you happy just do it for pete's sake! For me that means working out, crafting, scrapbooking, hanging out with Dude, DIY Sunday projects, and cooking. Make this stuff a priority on your list. Even if it is just "sit somewhere quiet an forget about those damn dirty dishes for a moment." Yep...I use that one a lot.

6. Ask for help. I often forget that I have an amazing support system both at work and in my personal life. And I know that if I were to tell even one person that I can't handle something or need a little help, they would definitely be happy to lend a hand. Heck, even remembering that I have this option, this luxury, is very relieving.

Today [aka the day I wrote this...] I am really struggling. And I am hyper-aware of the tiny thread that is keeping me together.

I am doing better today, thanks for asking.
later loves

p.s. this is today's real post, not that other blip that showed up bad. Also, there were supposed to be photos, but the Internet here at work also hates me Happy Monday!

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