Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Explore #yeg...March 8...Part One

Saturday, March 8th
Alberta Art Gallery
Photographers: Lisa & Dan

This photo makes me giggle so much. Dan asked if I would like a photo of myself in the gallery, y'know, with some art. And this is what I get. My giant head blocking the art. And I cropped this photo down a lot. Just imagine all the beige background that I got rid of. I need to give BFF some lessons in subject placement. He's actually a really good sport, so I can't rag on him too much.

This was part of the large sculptural installation by artist...umm...Leslie? Nope, Lyndal Osbourne! There we go! This particular sculpture (mixed media piece?!) is called Tides and incorporates objects she has (obviously) collected from the beach. So there are twigs, and rocks, and barnacles, and garbage. But it's been beautifully arranged on these little tables, and it was quite compelling actually. I told Dan to take a photo of me in between the two piles that matched my outfit. out of two ain't bad. Ha!

And last but not least, this amazing piece by Jill Stanton! It's so ME! I love all the little details on this grand scale. It looks almost like individual wall paper panels that have been applied on the three huge walls just beside the lobby. They usually use this space for weddings, and receptions, and the like. Unfortunately, by this point of the day I was getting light-headed and really needed to eat or else I would have loved to spend more time exploring all the creature and intricacies of this piece. Another time, perhaps...

Have you played the tourist in your own town lately?
What are you waiting for?!
later loves


  1. Anonymous11:52 am

    Dan nailed the last photo. One out of three ain't bad!

  2. I love the Jill Stanton one. It looks so beautiful and fun. It looks like someone could spend all day in there discovering new details.

  3. Eeek! I've been watching her create this via facebook over the last few months and it's absolutely AMAZING to see the entire thing :) I need to go do it in person SOON!

  4. Did you enjoy the Italian art exhibit? I thought they were incredible, fascinating to see works that old. I look forward to the upcoming Harris and Jackson exhibit. :)


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