Thursday, March 06, 2014

My Green Family

Meet Debbie, Ling-Ling, Margie, Tilly & poor, sad (pretty much totally dead) Li Lu.

At my new place I have a plethora of windows. South facing, east facing, west facing and north facing! This was definitely a selling feature for me when I first walked in the door. Thank goodness I had a second set of eyes with me that day to watch for all the important things, because all I saw was windows.

I love windows.

And I knew this meant I would finally have a chance at succeeding at growing indoor plants. As opposed to killing them. Immediately. And with panache.

I bought Debbie first, on a whim and a sale at Target. I felt so sorry for all the little amaryllis bulbs sitting haphazardly on the shelf. They had been marked down, red-tagged, destined for the trash bin. But $10 for a bulb, a nice pot and some soil?! I can tell a good deal when I see one! I only wish I had bought Debbie a buddy, because she is growing like a champ!

Li Lu's original name was Charlie Chan, but not even a new moniker could save this gal. I bought her on a cold cold (read: fucking cold) night, and I think it was just too much. Please ignore my sad, dead plant photo.

Margie & Ling-Ling came home with me from Salisbury Greenhouses on the magical Family Day long weekend. They had been sending me emails and Facebook updates with photos of row upon row of succulents. Well, it was too much sales pressure for this little heart to handle. Deciding on only two to bring home with me was the hardest part.

OH MY GOSH I LOVE AIR PLANTS!! I thought they were only a designer item, destined to be forever front and centre on the Internet, but out of reach for me in the sticks. When I saw the fabulous display at Salisbury, I may have squealed and ran toward it with my hands flapping. They look like the final baddie in the first Hellboy movie! I was too excited to pick one, so BFF had to make the decision for me.

Tilly & David are getting along quite nicely.

I am enjoying this foray into Plant Parenthood so far. I have a lot more windows that need greening up though. I will need to set myself a monthly plant buying budget, because this could get dangerous.

Are you a green thumb or a black thumb?
Any tips for the Newbie Indoor Plant Enthusiast?
later loves

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  1. Maybe if you remove the dead leaves the green would grow? Just a thought... :)


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