Friday, February 14, 2014

Let's Celebrate Love!

Well, today is the Day of Love. What are your plans? Do they involve bon bons and rom coms? A romantic night out with your Handsome Dreamboat? Or a rowdy escapade with your single pals?

Our Kercher Family Tradition is to get some sushi and just hang out. Maybe watch a movie, eat a fun dessert. Sometimes we go for pizza. I spent a ridiculously long amount of some time going back through my archives this morning to find more Valentine's posts from years past and I can't. So much for documenting life on my blog. Geeze Lisa.

So come Monday I want to have a real life Valentine's Day Recap post (boy that sentence is going to mess with my search efforts next year...). But until then, here are all my hopes and dreams and possible plans for a successful V-Day 2014.

The Silver Skate Festival starts tonight. Might be fun to check out this weekend.

Speaking of skating, City Hall is hosting a Valentine's Day Disco Skate this evening. Might be fun to check out....BUT Metro Cinema is also showing Casablanca. 2 for 1 admission! Too many choices for this girl!!!

Today begins the Family Day long weekend, so there are loads of events around town celebrating that holiday as well. Like this one in's work-related, so can I charge my miles? (wink)

I'm not really a fan of exchanging gifts on Valentine's Day, but this idea from Chapters might just make the cut. I do so love handmade do-dads.

Also, food. I need some heart-shaped, red, sugary, icing-y food. Like these pancakes. Or perhaps donuts are more your style. I found a heart-shaped cookie cutter and a gluten-free sugar cookie recipe I would like to try out.

And did I mention my favourite "Bees Knees" is coming to visit?! WHEEE!! I think we're going to drink beer and snuggle in my comfy bed. In addition to the forty-billion ideas I have been emailing her over the past day. Sorry...or am I?!

I have a long weekend policy ("long weekends are good for getting shit done, and lazing around"), so here's hoping I get a little bit of both in this weekend.

Did I already ask you about your plans?
Why haven't you answered yet?!
later loves


p.p.s. Dude's Duck Face is far superior to mine. I apologize to the Internet in advance for teaching him this, and for his mad skills. My bad.


  1. Swimming with my boys, Grandma and your dude for Valentine's Day. More swimming with Grandpa and a baby shower. Jacob gets a Lego Movie date so Sean, Evan and I will get to do something. And a date with some zoo animals. It's a pretty packed weekend. Oh, and bake a couple more dozen Smarties valentines cookies and red velvet cupcakes. I may have some very special hand-made Valentine's to hand out. I hope we see you!

  2. We stayed in and made Indian food! It was delicious! I hope your weekend turns out as lovely as you have planned :)


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