Thursday, February 20, 2014

Last Minute Pop

It was particularly gloomy today (aka yesterday). The snow is back, and the muck, and the wind, and the slurpy slushy streets. A perfect day for a pop of colour.

I can barely believe that Target has all their summer stock out right now. Short shorts, bikinis and maxi skirts are all the rage...and winter hasn't even really hit its stride! But I felt the sales pressure when I saw this coral beauty, and got worried that it wouldn't be around when I was really ready for spring fashion. But it turns out that I was ready after all!

Can you see the knotty gnarly tree there in my new yard?! I can't wait to try climbing that in the spring. And my deck there? It's blue! Even Mom is excited about sitting out there with a cold drink in the summer. sidetracked by my awesome new home...anyhoo. My top is from Forever 21 via Value Village. It is a super soft mohairy wool, and with the cream and lace I feel very trendy. Oh dear.

Note: The images my camera produces are still so grainy. And driving me crazy (see above...crazy). What to do?! Do I just give up and give in, and see if I can return the bugger? Or do I keep playing around, and trying to figure it out. Heck, even Nicole couldn't figure out why everything was so yellow, and she's pretty smart with cameras!

Speaking of Nicole, she's hosting a What to Wear link up over on her blog today. "Pop of Colour", that's the theme this week. Thanks again for the reminder dearie. You're the best!

later loves


  1. Anonymous9:30 am

    I think it's time you read the manual, love. I don't know what to tell ya. The flash helps. But otherwise that camera is a puzzle.

    I'm loving that maxi skirt. I think I need to snag one for myself!

  2. You're such a cutie in that skirt and now I want to go to Target and spend a ton of money I don't have, so thanks for that ;-) Nicole's right... It might be time for the manual... Alternatively, I have a couple photography books that I love using when I have specific questions or want to try specific techniques, although I've never read them through all the way. Maybe try that route? I can email you the titles if you're interested. What kind of camera again?

  3. That skirt is awesome. Perfect outfit to chase away the winter blues! I hope you can figure out your camera problems, maybe the camera has a glitch or something.

  4. I love the pattern and textures and of course your POP of color! The seasons at stores are so wacky. I remember one year going to Ikea for patio furniture in May and they were already done carrying it for the season. What the what?? Of course, I live somewhere that summer clothes are already making an appearance...

  5. Very cute!! I love the lace and the color! My camera rebels against taking pictures indoors. Outdoors, they're lovely. Indoors, awful. I haven't taken many pictures this winter....

  6. Love that you live in my old hood! Jelly.... Try resetting the white balance...xo edmlaurie

  7. This post inspired me to go shopping. Thanks friend- I went to target and cleaned up!


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