Friday, January 17, 2014

Yes, I still scrapbook

In fits and bursts, mind you. But it still counts...

Trim The Tree This layout taught me a couple of things. Firstly, I need to get more Christmas embellishments (too bad I hate them all). Secondly, I love ink. Today is amazeballs Sometimes something doesn't work out like you wanted to. And that's okay. You've still got a cute kid to scrapbook, after all. And washi tape fixes so many shitty layouts.
 Oh Ben Sures I tried a lot of things with this layout, and here is what I ended up with. Love all the little bits hiding by the picture there. Sunset I loved this paper. And then hated it. I think I covered up all the yucky bits. Also, I love sunset photos.

Tell A Story I took the text right from the blog post about this photo. Simple. Wonderful. Love Your Face Sometimes I forget all the cool shit I know how to do. Embossing, inking, stenciling. I'm a pro.

Do any of you go through crafting phases?
How do you keep the mojo flowing?
later loves

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