Monday, January 20, 2014

Project Life 2014 - It Begins Anew!

I originally started this post with "blah blah blah share something fun, light-hearted and fricken amazeballs here today. My Project Life album! (Yes, I have a big head.)"

But I hated where it was going, and it didn't make sense for what I had recently posted, and I wanted to change it all.

But my writer's block is kicking in today, so I am just going to add some photos to whatever text I already had here and call it a day. Sorry for the following ramblings, you poor poor bastards.

I decided (on a whim while wandering around Treasured Memories one day) to downsize my album this year. Meaning, make it smaller. In stature. Like me.

I am using an American Crafts Dear Lizzy Album with additional page inserts from SNAP! and Becky Higgins PL.
Yes, I realize that these pictures are practically the same and the transparency that starts my album is barely visible on the left but just shuttup okay! It is what it is! ;)

While this means I won't be able to incorporate larger memorabilia in with the album or include my full-sized layouts as I go, so far this was TOTALLY THE RIGHT CHOICE!! I don't know if it's just in my head, but there seems to be less pressure with this size. I mean, it's not like I sized down by half or anything, but it's just much easier for some reason. And I can start using the Project Life 3x4 cards without cutting them down! Finally!!

 The official "page one" of my album on the right. I love that each of us wrote our goals for the year in our own writing.

I want to try and include more "random facts" about Lucas, and quotes and milestones for him this year. That's one aspect of scrapbooking that I really appreciate. 

 I love that I can still do layouts in this size, albeit mini ones.

I bought a "pack" of Kal Bateski's prints expressly to use as inserts in my album. I love the contrast of the black and white, and can definitely see myself expanding on this theme as the year progresses.

I love incorporating blog posts into Project Life. If I already took the time to write out the story, why not include it here? This particular story is especially important because I did not take any photos of the moment, but really want to remember it. Remember this post?

My biggest setback when "Project Lifeing" is wanting to include every damn picture I take. Of everything. Geeze. So this year, I really want to focus on printing only the photos I love, that tell a story, and that really capture a lovely moment of my life. I used some photos in the second week that were kind of shitty (okay...really shitty), but they represent something special in my life that week.

My other goal with PL this year is also photo-related. I want to really focus on taking unique photos, and photos of PEOPLE! Friends and family are a huge part of my life, but I don't take as many photos of the people that I love as I would like. Unless you count Dude, 'cause I harass him on a daily basis. Or BFF, but he is starting to get used to me taking photos, and he even grabs the camera now and again without me even having to ask. Atta boy.

Any Project Lifers out there?
Have you changed your approach this year??
later loves


  1. I really like your smaller album! I'm still on the fence about whether or not I'm even going to do project life this year (as 2012 sits 1/4 unfinished and 2013 is maaaaaybe half done)... And those Kal Bateski prints are AMAZING!

  2. I really like the idea of sharing a blog post in your binder. That makes so much sense and I hadn't even thought of doing that!! I think I need to get some different kinds of page protectors, so that I can experiment more. I also saw someone had the full page ones and then they used their sewing machine to create the pockets they wanted! BRILLIANT.

    In other news, I want to share something ANNOYING with you. I ordered this awesome new PL kit for 2014, which includes cards that are small and square (like Instagram styles), a binder and page protectors... BUT the pages they sent don't match the sizes of the cards in the kit. What the hell, bro!? WHAT THE HELL!? So now I have to order MORE pages. ANGER.

    Anyway, lovely work on 2014. :) xoxo


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