Tuesday, January 21, 2014

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January 19, 2014. Sunday morning. With my Dude...

He lined all of his Skylanders up on the couch, probably in some special order or something. And since they took up most of the space, he had to squish in at the end to watch his shows and play DS.

Speaking of DS, he opened up the camera and started taking photos of each figure, with special effects. He even posed a bunch on the lit portal and added squiggly lines. Like in the game. In this photo he his gently blowing on the screen, because that's what changes the graphics that can then be captured with the photo. It took him a long time to get the timing perfect to capture the graphics he wanted.

And the creativity didn't stop there. I pulled out some of my old canvases for him to create with. I have dozens of colours of paints, and he always picks red and black. Always. This masterpiece saw the addition of a red dot, and a "Done! It's a Wii!" Then he painted some firebombs.

I love busy Sundays.
later loves

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