Thursday, January 16, 2014

Tasty Rainbow

One of my new year's intentions is to focus on my health. That means staying active, remembering to breathe and relax, and eating right!

And I think I've been doing pretty good in that area so far. As long as I take the pressure off of making a fancy meal, with lots of ingredients, or variety, or prep time, I actually enjoy cooking! A lot! Never thought I would say that...

And it is really easy to cook REAL food with a small amount of time and ingredients. No fancy recipes and no strange ingredients (unless you count sunchokes which are so flippin tasty!). Just simple stuff you can find in any grocery store. I'm no expert, so if I can figure this stuff out, anybody can.

Last night we had one of my standard go-to meals: chicken thighs, potato fries & gravy. But I changed it up a bit by adding some sweet potatoes and beets to the mix (mmmm...baked beets....). And I cut up some of the beautiful and colourful carrots I've been getting in my organic box, and sauteed them up with a bit of brown sugar and maple syrup.

I didn't get a picture of the meal in its entirety because it was too damn good and it disappeared right away. Even Lucas inhaled everything on his plate. He needed a little encouragement with the carrots when he tried to use the "I'm full" card, but once he took one bite he quickly stuffed his mouth full!


Next I want to try cooking a whole chicken! Yikes! Wish me luck...

How are your new year's goals coming along?
Are you trying to eat healthier this year?
later loves

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  1. I love roasted beets. My fave is to sprinkle them with some cumin seeds before they go in the oven- delicious!


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