Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cozy Livin'

I am losing my patience with my new camera. Big ol sigh over here.

This is my "stupid fucking camera, are you KIDDING me with these settings?!" face.

Anyhoo, this is supposed to be my What to Wear for a cozy night in. And while technically I went to IKEA in this, it is my go-to outfit for the moment I step in the door after work. Leggings, Bill-Fucking-Murray tee and denim shirt. And that's that. Great for sitting on my couch, or one of IKEA's!

Nicole's got the link up, so head on over and say hey.

later loves


  1. Anonymous10:22 am

    Still no luck on the camera, eh!? Have you read the manual yet? It seems to me that might help. ;)

    I love it, so far we're all wearing tights... except Kayla who totally one-upped us with that Batman onesie. My goodness that girl is amazing. :)

    Ikea, eh!? Did you purchase anything?

    1. I bought an as-is chair, a watering can (50 cents!!) and an as-is pot. And I tested out a bunch of couches to see which one my bum likes more.

      Truthfully, the camera takes fine photos in sunlight and fluorescent lights, but not in my house. I don't normally read camera manuals because they are rarely any help to me.

  2. What a super rad shirt that is! Love your go-to outfit, it's pretty darn similar to mine lately ;)

  3. As you can see I am going through all your posts and leaving my mark... mass comment attack!

    Did you know I looked all over for Bill Murray stuff for you for Christmas and COULD NOT find anything.... :(


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