Friday, January 24, 2014

Write It Down, Make It Visible

That's one of my key takeaways with goals. If you don't write it down, if you don't put it somewhere visible as a reminder, you will forget and it won't get done. Kind of a no-brainer there.

So I devised a sweet little craft to make my One Little Word super visible in both my work and home life. Well, I mean, it's bunting, which isn't anything new or surprising. But it's so cute and damn easy! Damn!

I bought some glitter cardboard from Treasured Memories as my starting point, because I knew I wanted it to be glittery. I cut all the letters freehand. I cut a triangle out of cardboard, traced it and then cut a bunch more. Then covered each triangle with Anthropologie catalogue pages. I knew I was saving all those back issues for something...
This is one of those crafty projects that could have become a DIY post very quickly, but when I went to grab my camera to take process shots I was like "Really Lisa? You need to make this into a big deal because...?" So I put the camera done and just did it. Much more satisfying.

I wanted the one for work to be a little smaller, a little less "in your face". I work in a hallway and everyone can see what's on my (very messy) desk and "wall" (it's the back of a filing cabinet). But I wanted it to feel cohesive, feel like it matched the one at home. Enter Tiny Prints Flashy Bash Thank You card!
I actually made this at work, with things I have at work. Like red nail polish...don't ask (wink). It adorns my "office" "wall" and is joined by other inspirational messages and images. The card is made from a nice thick cardstock and the matte finish means I can write on it without too much trouble. And this is just the backside! Wait until you see the front! (I will have a post dedicated to these Tiny Prints cards on Monday...a gratitude project...)

Complete any super easy craft projects lately?
How do you make your goals visible?
later loves


  1. Ha!! I have moments like that too. I think of some clever storage solution or display thingamajig and I just DO it and look back at it and was like "man, I could have collected that process into a blog post... oh well!" and then realize that it's probably not that exciting in the first place. (Ikea spice jars + washi tape = not really a DIY)

    I love your one little world. It's so simple and yet so massive and important.

    1. Sometimes it's more about the IDEA and less about the step-by-step tutorial. ;)

  2. Anonymous2:56 pm

    Lovely! I received my Tiny Prints card today, so perfect timing my friend!

    Also, yay for being one of the quotes on your inspiration wall. xoxo

    1. Cool! I figured today would be the day for most people. I should have done this "quotes" thing ages ago...

  3. Yes to creating!
    Yes to bunting!
    Yes to inspiration boards!


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