Monday, December 30, 2013

Wrap It Up

Yes, this is a DIY wrapping paper post. Coming a week after Christmas. But I would argue that it can be used year round. So there.

I wrapped all of my Christmas presents like this. And it was simple, and it's cute, and it's free!

You will need: White packing paper, scissors, washi tape, pencil crayons or markers, regular tape (because the washi tape isn't strong enough to keep these packages sealed!)

Be creative! Put that washi tape in whatever pattern you want! For Nadine & Anna's I used the tape to "write" their initials. Add bows or string or ribbon or pom poms, doodle and paint. If you want to get a little bit more complicated, the sky is the limit with this basic background.

Layer your paper. I found that while the paper I used is very sturdy, it is also very translucent! Double up on the layers to make the entire package much stronger and to discourage peeking!

Get help. This is a great way to get the the little ones involved. Lucas wrote the "to & from" on a couple of boxes, and I think that if he was in the mood I could have had him draw or doodle on them as well.

Personalize them.  Write a fun message or note to the recipient. Who needs a card, when your entire present can serve the purpose?!

And I still have loads of this paper (and loads of washi tape), so I definitely plan on using this system to wrap all my presents next year!

Today is my replacement DIY Sunday with BFF, so I hope to have more fun (and easy) DIYs for you in the next couple of weeks. Until then...

later loves

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