Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Currently...Endings and Beginnings

listening // Dude's tv show on in the background while he builds a new Star Wars Lego set

wanting //  to have leftover cake for breakfast...mmm...thanks for the leftovers BFF!

needing // to find my place

drinking // Shit! I forgot about my coffee!!

wishing // I was a teensy bit stronger

planning //  what I want this space to look like next year

hoping // for a swell 2014

I love this time of year, and yet I also hate it. Looking back on the year that was is partly inspiring, and partly "oh look how far I haven't come...what am I doing with my life?!" One thing's for sure: I am continually inspired by the other people with whom I share this blogging space. I have made new friends and new connections that this shy dork never thought possible, and for that I thank you guys out there.

This year was so hard for me. And just because the calendar changes over, doesn't mean those challenges are going away with it. I hope that I can continue to learn and grow, and build on all the life lessons I received this year, and I am so thankful for how far I have come.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. I hope to see your lovely faces here as the clock strikes twelve and the new year begins, full of possibility, and hope, and asking for nothing in return but to try our best.

Happy New Year everyone
later loves

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  1. To easier. To changes. To growth. To strength. To love. To new. To beauty. To forgiveness. To blessings. To inspiration. To gratitude. To laughter. To hugs. My new year wishes to you.
    I love you.


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