Tuesday, December 31, 2013

So I made this video...

And it didn't work on Instagram because I got greedy and made it too long. HA! And then Blogger couldn't upload it, so I had to resort to Vimeo. And that means waiting. Why does technology hate me so?

Oh December, I forgot how so fucking awesome you were. I might do one of these every month...

Happy New Year!
later loves


  1. Anonymous12:22 pm

    OK. Now tell us how you made this creation!! I must know, so I can jump on your monthly recap bandwagon. :)

    Happy New Year my gorgeous, amazeballs, hilarious, intriguing friend. I am so glad that we met and that we have continued our friendship. You have brought much joy to 2013 and I hope that will continue in this new year of adventures and excitement. xoxoxo LOVE YOU!

  2. I love your flipagram and think its a great way to recap each month 😃


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