Friday, November 08, 2013

One Dress - Five Ways

I am on a new-clothing-freeze. I am trying to learn to live with less. I have too many clothes. I envy those with more clothes and more options than me. I enjoy remixing items in my closet. I am up for a challenge. I really like this dress!

All of these reasons and more led to a little experiment last week...
purple dress + slip extender + blue blouse + navy cardigan + black tights + shiny bracelets + vintage headscarf + blue beads

 purple dress + slip extender + plaid button up + red cardigan + polka dot tights + Splurge necklace

 purple dress + polka dot blouse + grey cardigan (all secondhand!) + grey tights + headscarf + Anthro bracelet + fave necklace
purple dress + black skirt + yellow polka dot cardigan (all secondhand!) + black tights + shiny bracelets + giant effing ring + fave necklace

Truthfully, I never thought I would get sick of wearing the same dress everyday. And I didn't. Even though I kind of petered out on the last day and just wore the dress with my standard grey cardigan. And going to the symphony that night I was really really excited to put on something completely different! Sequin skirt!!

It feels good to know I have this much flexibility in my closet, and with mostly secondhand pieces! It feels good to know that I don't "need" anything new in my wardrobe because I am fully capable of making the things that I do have work, and work well. That being said, I totally bought two cute, new sweaters this week but only because it's darn freezing in my office!

Which look is your favourite?
Have you ever tried such an experiment?
later loves

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  1. Fun idea! I like how you mixed it up. :)


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