Monday, November 11, 2013

5 Days - 6 Doodles

A couple of weeks ago I made a doodle. And then I was inspired to make another. And another.

BFF asked why I decided to do this particular set, and I told him that I can draw clothes, and I can draw bodies, but I can't draw clothes on bodies! So...ta-da!
My slutty pirate blouse and vest re-purposed - That itchy wool sweater went in the donation bin at the end of that day. I don't remember it being that itchy!

I go to the gym everyday at lunch, so I thought this was fitting - I can't do an all-blue look was just too much!

My favourite outfit of the week - You might remember polka dots from this post!

This exercise was part of the inspiration for my One Dress - Five Ways experiment. I like adding fun things like this to my journal.  A look into my life that week in more than words. I've got lots of words in there too!

Today is Remembrance Day. Our boss was generous enough to give us the day off. And I've got an adorable nephew over for a play date. Today is going to be fucking awesome!

later loves

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