Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Christmas Shopping for Art

I spent many hours on the Internet yesterday, doing some online Christmas shopping. I am left today with a giant dent in my Mastercard and a "pretty proud of myself" feeling. I am never this on-the-ball with my shopping.

In celebration, and perhaps to give my readers a little kick in the pants to get started on their shopping, I have put together a bunch of gift ideas for different people in your life. Up first, is art. Because we could all use a little more colour on our walls!

Christmas Wish List - Art

1 // Star chart...I love any kind of space art, and this print is both useful and beautiful! And it would look amazing in my living room. Wait...who is this wish list for anyway?!

2 // Diela Maharanie...I discovered Diela awhile back (don't ask me how!) and I absolutely love her bright and whimsical images that have a melancholy feel to them as well. Even a small print would make a big impact.

3 // Feather pattern study...Something from nature is usually an easy art pill for most people to swallow. Instead of your standard photo of an elephant/wolf/cheetah/insert animal here, try something like a scientific or anatomical print, like these feathers.

4 // Edmonton, 1983...This artist is from Edmonton (I think, don't quote me on that), and has silk screened art like this from many cities, all offering a snapshot of that city on a precise day in it's history. Perfect for someone who likes maps but wants something more modern-looking!

Remember: buying art doesn't have to be super expensive! Find a nice large print instead of an original, and put it in a lovely frame. And if you can, buy directly from the artist, or a reputable online source.

Later this week: Ideas for your fashionable lady friend!
later loves

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