Wednesday, October 09, 2013

The Daily Love

I don't know how I found The Daily Love. A link list on someone's blog, probably. But I read an article there a month or so back, and it really resonated with me. So I signed up for their "Daily Love" e-newsletter.

And I read every email I get. And sometimes I go back to the website and read a blog article, or read the daily inspiration. And then I found an article linked in the email that I felt I just HAD to read.

The Euphoria of Admitting When it Sucks is written mostly with business owners in mind, but I think it applies to everyone.

But most importantly, I think it applies to me.

And so I clicked through to the writer's website. She's a powerful smart lady. The things she writes make sense to me. They speak to me. They make me keep clicking and searching and reading.

I don't buy into "self-help" stuff. I don't buy the books, or the workshops, or programs, or seminars.

Except that as of today I do.

Up until today I thought that most of it was bullshit. A money-grab by people who were smooth talkers and good with jargon. People who could work you up, and then leave you hanging. And perhaps it was bullshit...for me.

But I am older and wiser now. And I can tell when something is speaking to me. My head feels lighter, my shoulders drop, my smile appears out of nowhere.

Sometimes the right choice is so easy to make. Sometimes all the other crap gets out of the way, and you don't have to fight through feelings of indecision or worry or second-guessing. You just do it, and it makes you feel good.

I've never been so proud of an online purchase before.

Lame right? Lame and awesome...

And every page I read of this book, of this program makes me want to cry tears of joy and scream a primal scream and turn the page and read some more. And yes I am at work, and yes I am busy, and yes I am kicking Awards of Excellence Entries BUTT today, but I also can't seem to take my eyes and my mind off of what I am reading.

And I know I already posted today. And I know there are no pretty pictures to go with this post, and it might not even make any sense, but I DON'T CARE! Every page I read makes me feel tingly all over.




Today is fucking awesome! But tomorrow....tomorrow.........

later loves

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  1. It sounds like I need to go read this....


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