Thursday, October 10, 2013

Birthday Recap...At Last

I celebrated my birthday almost 3 weeks ago now, but it seemed kind of bittersweet so I haven't really wanted to post anything. But it was still "goodtimes", and I would hate for anyone to think that I disapprove of birthdays. And I do want to document it, so here goes...

Friday night - Pirate Crop at TM with Candace! I don't think we got a lot of scrapbooking done, but we chatted and took photos and had a grand old time. You've already seen the photographic evidence here.

I left the fun early, as I got the designated driver call. Finding a basement suite downtown was not easy, but I was rewarded with some garlic-stuffed olives!

Saturday morning - breakfast at Humpty's with my Boys. Russ and I shared a dish that we both remember being better in the past, and Dude polished off a big plate of pancakes and a side of bacon. Always with the side of bacon. Sometimes Russ & I even manage to snag a couple!

Afternoon - Dude, Russel and some of my extended family went to a train show in Sherwood Park, so I was left to my own designs. I did some more scrapbooking and listened to some Italian Opera on vinyl while I waited for my "movie date" to pick me up. Dan & I headed over to the Garneau Theatre, but stopped next door first at Rosso for pizza (he needed lunch) and beers (hair of the dog...?).

Our movie of choice this afternoon was a Marx Brother's Monkey Business. Very hilarious! But why oh why do those seats have to be so uncomfortable?

This is a BFF tradition now, going to a Metro Movie on our birthdays. Yay us!

Evening - Celebrated with cake and presents at my Mom and Step-Dad's house. Lots of awesome presents, and an amazing cake made by Mom. And some handsome dudes to help me open said presents and eat said cake. I am a lucky lady.

Sunday Morning - I ran my first 5k!
And I did pretty good! Russ said I finished above-average in my age category. I think my time was around 36 minutes.

Monday morning - My good friend Candace stopped off at work with a coffee and some balloons! I love helium balloons, and think that no birthday is complete without at least one. Mom took me out for lunch to Original Joes ( tacos) and the boys & I went out for Thai food for dinner. After dinner - which was so delicious - we grabbed Dude's bike and headed out for some riding lessons.

I had to do a lot of running to keep up, and even then I wasn't. Keeping up that is! I had a belly full of thai food....mmmm.... And also he is super fast! And awesome!

And that is that...mostly.

Overall, it was a tough birthday for me. And not because of the number. 33 isn't so bad at all! I am looking forward to the season and the changes that I hope it brings...

later loves


  1. Anonymous11:23 am

    Wow! You packed your b-day full of delicious food, now didn't you!? I'm impressed by that menu. ;)

    Also, congrats on the 5 K. That is so rad. I'm totally proud of you.

    I hope all is well. I think we need to catch up one of these days. Phone date, per chance?

  2. fish tacos at OJS are my go to fave there! I knew we were friends for a reason! Congrats on your 5k you continue to inspire me :)


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