Friday, October 25, 2013

Tell A Story - Let's Draw

I adore it when Lucas says "I want to do some drawing."

I am completely unorganized in every aspect of my life (and his life) but one: I keep the drawing supplies close at hand at all times. And when he says those magic words out comes the pencil crayons, eraser, and paper.

He needs no direction from me, and I prefer it that way. I love to watch his imagination and creativity take shape on the page. Even if he is just doodling random scenes from Angry Birds.

But oh what beautiful Angry Birds they are...

(my camera has a weird blurry thing floating around on the lens, so I took these pics with my iPad, and wow crappy! I think a new camera is in that can take the standard wear-and-tear of Lisa!)

later loves

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  1. Anonymous9:28 am

    That RUG!!! My gosh it's a beaut.


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