Monday, October 28, 2013

Something Cool

I can handle these kind of posts. Dash in, dash out. Or like I call my mall trips: "Surgical Precision Strikes". Not a lot of mucking about...with, like, WORDS and stuff. Yep.

1. Please can I have it. Pretty please // 2. Just say Yes! This is a DIY waiting to happen. // 3. Walnut bookends and an Edison bulb?! Need I say more? // 4. Pre-ordered the double vinyl...dork.

And them word-type things....
A portrait a week. A genius idea.
There are still some super clever people out there...and on the Internet to boot!
I really need a new pair of black flats.

K. That took longer to put together than anticipated. Also, I am never ever satisfied with my photo collages. Argh! This was a terrible idea...I give up and am going to bed (I wrote this post at the end of a long day apparently...).

later loves

P.S. This was my 1700th post on this here blog! Yay me!


  1. Ah! Congrats on lots of posts!! Those light up book ends are wicked!

  2. I really like that watch and when I first saw it I thought "excellent, a Christmas gift for Lisa." But I'm sorry sis, but for $150, I just can't do it. Also, the flats you link to are $168!! When did your tastes get so expensive?


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