Friday, October 04, 2013

October is for...

1. Do more crafty things. I put some paint on pinecones the other day, and it was messy and terrible and helluva lot of fun. 2. Re-arrange my living room. Because I need to do this. 3. Build a coffee table. I've got the design and the supplies, and a friend with the tools and the know-how. So...yeah...seems like a no-brainer, right? 4. Create a space for Dude. I was Googling Lego storage solutions the other night before bed, and I had a flash of inspiration. I started setting up a desk space for him in my studio so he can draw or do homework with me while I scrapbook. But now I think it will be an art/Lego/homework combination station. I have a lot of my crap to get out of there still, but I think this is the inspiration I need to really pare down my stash to make space for his! On a related note, I thought I had a lot of Lego, but I was living in a crazy dream world. Google "Lego storage solutions" one day for fun, and you will understand. Or you won't, but either way it's amusing!

hello good looking!

I want to enjoy the sun in the mornings and the frost on the grass.

I want to keep working on my Summer Manifesto

I want to read so many books!

I will be grateful and express my gratitude.

I will enjoy every moment for what it is and not worry about what it isn't.

What does October look like in your life?
later loves

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