Monday, September 30, 2013

My Summer Manifesto

Looking back...

go to the mountains
Jasper National Park, June
White Fish Montana, July 12-17
Jasper National Park, August 16-18

complete a large painting

make a summer mini album

take Jacob out for an Auntie-Nephew date

finish bathroom renovation

have a sleepover/make a blanket fort in the living room and sleep in it
Nicole slept over on July 27th!

go camping
Ross Lake, Aug 3-5
Hinton/Jasper KOA, August 16-18

Farmer's Market, lots and lots
July 20 with Dude, Downtown
July 27 with Nicole, Strathcona
August 24, Strathcona
Thursdays nights at Mill Woods

eat deep fried pickles on a patio
Canadian Brew House, August 15

have friends over for BBQ and games

wienie roast in a city park

go for walks in some of our old Orienteering stomping grounds
Dawson Park - July 24
Whitemud Equine Centre, Dude & Dad - August 5
Gold Bar Park - August 14
Terwillegar - August 21
Whitemud Park - September 4

studio clean up! for reals!!
August 31 - September 2...I made a big dent!

ride the High Level Streetcar...again
June, Ben Sures concert
July 27 with Nicole, in the rain

go to the Garneau/Metro for movie night
September 4 - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (a movie afternoon...)

take the training wheels off Dude's bike
August 27! He did so awesome!!

visit as many city festivals as possible!
Street Performers - July 6
Taste of Edmonton > July 23
Heritage Days - August 5
The Fringe - August 24
Folk Fest - August 10
Shakespeare in the Park (missed)
K-Days (missed)

Jasper Aquatic Centre, August 17

swim in a lake
Ross Lake, Aug 3-5

one new beer "cocktail" recipe (beergaritas are already in full rotation!)
Shandy, August 12 > twas delicious!

run a 5k
Heart Beat Run - September 22

girls night out!
September 21, Pirate Crop at TM (shaddup, it counts...)

take a Friday off and go to an outdoor pool with Dude
or take Candace up on her Summerside Beach offer!

watch for shooting stars & the Northern Lights
June 28...

drink beer on a deck, listen to the birds, watch the sunset.....
July 26, thanks BFF


later loves

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  1. Anonymous10:37 am

    I love that I'm on this list! Yay for summer and visits. xo


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