Friday, September 27, 2013

Something Cool

I recently subscribed to a email newsletter with space and science news. I get a message every day, and while sometimes I only glance at the articles within, there is always something interesting. I learn when & where to look in the sky for planets and stars and fricken novae! Oh yes! I learn about earthquakes that just happened, or that happened a million years ago. I learn about weird and awesome plants and animals and science junk. I love weird science junk.

I love my EarthSky newsletter so much, and then something like this comes along and makes me love it even more...

This is an image captured by a camera trap in Siberia that was set up in order to better study Siberian Tigers. And one day it caught this: a golden eagle capturing a deer. When I first saw this image and read the story my brain was like THIS IS FRICKEN AMAZING DO YOU EVEN UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE SEEING RIGHT NOW?!?!?!?!


I absolutely adored nature shows when I was a kid. I watched them all the time, and was a veritable encyclopedia on African savannah animals, grizzly bears, cougars, gorillas, anemones, etc. And when I got a little bit older, and was visiting a relative out east, I discovered his collection of bear attack survival stories and I couldn't get enough. Where was I going with this? I can't remember.

The point is, nature is fucking awesome and you should learn more about it.

later loves

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