Friday, September 06, 2013


I am actually very good at saving money. Well, better than some. Heck, according to my financial planner, better than most! But there is always room for improvement in this and any area.

And so I am looking to improve.

And while "scouring" the Internet for money-saving tips and advice I found some gems and some real doozies!

52 Weeks Savings Challenge
100 Tips (some of these are warned)
Martha's List of 50 includes storing your wine in a cool room instead of a pricey wine fridge. Yep. Solutions for the masses!
Five Tips, but one of them is Skip Starbucks?!
114 Tips from Bacon & Eggs

It was nice reading through this lists and checking off all the things I already do! Shop with a list, programmable thermostat, buy used, use vinegar for cleaning, repair clothes instead of replacing them, etc.

But remember what I said about there being room for improvement?

Here are my takeaways, things I want to try myself:
- Buy bulk...with a friend
- Stop buying paper towels and kleenex and replace with cloth towels and hankies (hankies!)
- Buy more frozen veggies
- Keep track of how much things normally cost, and stock up when they're on sale
- Make the most of 10% Tuesday shopping trips!
- Switch bank accounts to one with no fees
- Eat less meat and use my crock pot more
- More entertaining at home
- Look at getting rid of our land line

It was unfortunate that when googling "money saving tips" there weren't more tips on accumulating your savings and watching your pinched pennies become something more! Here is a tip of my own that I would like to pass along to you. Create an automatic transfer from your daily bank account to a savings one, and set it to happen the day you get paid! I like the idea of moving that money right away, so it's like you never had it! And you can't just spend it, and then make excuses as to why you haven't saved anything that month. Set an amount that you are comfortable on a monthly basis. It can be as small as you want, but try and make it as big as you can. And increase it after you get a raise, or pay off a loan or other debt. Pay yourself say Suze Orman. And then for funsies, look at that bank balance only once per year. You'll be amazed at how much you've saved without even realizing it! And plan wisely how you are going to spend that money...

Do any of you have any fun savings tips?
Do any of you keep money hidden in a mattress?
If yes, what's your address again...?

later loves


  1. Money! bletch! That's what I think about money!
    But I do like a good deal, or a coupon, or both combined perhaps! I swear on would be an extreme couponer if I lived in the USA.

    - watch the mail for coupon flyers.. they usually coincide with sales at various stores (walmart) and then you can get double the savings.
    - I use paper towels to dry off water in the kitchen (off my romaine for example) then I dry them by hanging in bathroom (Cory's first impression was a beauty)and then I reuse them to clean the bathroom.
    - I store my wine in my belly and then I don't have to worry where I am going to put it
    - I buy holiday decorations at the end of the season for more than 70% off the regular price then I'm all set for the following year.
    - I don't go to home sense..... huge savings!
    - I buy my $35 worth of groceries (almost always at sale pricing)to get a gas coupon at Safeway


  2. I can handle ALL these tips, but hankies? NEVER!!!!!!! EWWWWWW! :)


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