Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tell A Story

The other day I picked Lucas up from Mom's after work and he was doing something weird with his hands. Turns out it wasn't weird at all, he was just playing on the invisible cellphone he invented got (wink) that day. Oh yes.

And it is quite the wonder tool. Any games you have on your other devices - including say, a Wii or iPad - can be wirelessly transferred to your invisible cell phone. All with the click of a button! Or simply by plugging the devices into each other.

He took it to the Farmer's Market with us, but he was trying to play a Sponge Bob game on it while he was walking. I told him that was a bad idea because he might run into something and also I make fun of people who do that.

When he got changed into his jammies, he left it in the pocket of his shorts that got put in the dirty clothes bin. Good thing he remembered, and asked me to take it out! I would hate to wreck a new invisible phone in the wash so soon after getting it!

He was playing with it while Dad was reading him a story, so I had to take it away. But I made sure to tell him where I left it, so he could find it in the morning.

And don't you worry about losing it! When you whistle, it reappears so you can find it. I had to ask, because I lose things...

This morning he had to change out of the shorts he had chosen for the day because they didn't have any pockets in which he could store it while at school. I told him that he was not allowed to play with it during class, and that he should keep it in his backpack until recess. He didn't see the urgency, as his teacher doesn't know he has it. But I reasoned with him that if she catches him not paying attention, and asks what he is playing with he has to tell her, because you can't lie to your teacher. Good point Mom.

Oh, and there was a 2-for-1 deal, so I got my very own. Thanks Dude. You're the best.

Tell A Story...
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  1. Anonymous2:36 pm

    Bahahaha!! I love it. What an imagination that little man has. I hope you enjoy your invisible phone as much as he does. Maybe you can get Tetris for yours!


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