Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Let's talk about being a lady

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen this sweetheart of a photo pop up in your feed the other day.

Yes, I took a photo in the local grocery store of my "feminine hygiene product".

Yes, I was working with about 4 hours of sleep at this point so I can only sort of be held accountable for my actions.

And so I started my day with this and some interesting google sessions.

This article - "How Normal is Your Period?" - is a great reminder to take note of what is normal for your body. And to seek medical attention when something changes.

And this one specifically reminds you to listen to your va-jay-jay, cause Your vagina is smart and it knows what to do. Yeppers.

It makes me happy when people combine art and a message. But not like a weird vague message or statement on social justice or whatever. Cliteracy reminds us that sometimes art + a message is as simple as a giant, ride-on clitoris. For example.

You're welcome.
later loves

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  1. Hello. You make me smile. That is all. :)


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