Monday, September 23, 2013

Dude is my Bestest Best

I missed taking Dude to school on his first day this year. I mean I really missed it. Thank goodness Russel was able to snap some photos and send them to me. My handsome Dude is growing up...

So much so that he completed his first scraobooking layout! Proud Momma Moment over here! Now that he is 8, he gets the "big kids" wristband at the swimming pool. When he came home that day, Russel and I suggested we cut it off right away and we could save it. I told him I could put it in my scrapbook, and he said he would like to make a page. And that we could take an Instax photo of him to include! I didn't know what was making me happier!
He wanted red - of course - so I pulled out some paper and sticker letters from my stash. And then let him choose from all of my embellishments. And I made sure to explain to him the importance of writing at least the date, and why this was important. This page captures so much about him at this age. Swimming every Sunday, printing is much improved, his crazy gap-toothed grin, still loves red.

I think this is my favourite layout ever made...ever.

Today is my everything changes...
later loves

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