Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Saving the Moola

I loved Nadine's comment on my last money-saving post: "I don't go to Home Sense...huge savings!" Here are some funny ways I save money without even realizing it!

1. Cancel all email subscriptions to online clothing stores. No temptations to "just browse" or shop the sales and take advantage of 50-70% off! Of something I don't really need...hmmm. I used to be buying stuff online every month or so because I was constantly reminded of all these places every time I checked my email. And now that there are out of sight, they are also out of mind. I have a closet full of lovely clothes. Why tease myself?

On a side note: Sales are only good news if you actually NEED something. I have at least a couple of dresses in my closet that were the result of seeing a sale and settling on something (anything) just to take advantage of the sale.

2. I drive the Cavalier now. That may not seem like a good way to save money at first glance, but there is a strange way I save money that is not related to gas (which I buy less of in this tiny car, so there is savings there as well). We don't have satellite radio in the Cavalier, unlike in the TARDIS, so I can't listen to new music all the time, and keep lists of bands and songs in the car, and head to iTunes with those lists, and purchase album after album of new music. It's a small savings, but it adds up over time! I have noticed smaller credit card bills ever since.

3. I got a new job, and with it a new commute. I don't have easy access to a Value Village anymore, and I don't drive passed Treasured Memories everyday. More "out of sight out of mind" savings. Now when I go to Value Village, it's a special trip with Nicole. And I might spend more during that one trip, but it's only one trip. And I plan my trips to TM to see Nadine and chat with the girls there, and I pick up only what I really need. This is probably my biggest savings to date.

Wanna hear the best part about my last "savings" post? My dad read it, and loved it, and was super impressed with the tips I included, and was proud of me for writing it. That was the best over-the-phone comment ever!

Do you have any funny money-saving tips? I would love to hear them!
Does your dad read your blog?
Does he read mine?!

later loves

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