Thursday, August 22, 2013

Serendipitous What To Wear

This prompt - what to wear to a music festival - was serendipitous because I just happened to go to the Edmonton Folk Music Festival two weeks ago! I didn't get a lot of pictures of my outfit, but I would still love to share some of my good times with you today.

Must haves:
- Comfy & sturdy sandals, good for walking from stage to stage and keeping cool & cute!
- Hat & sunglasses to keep the sun off
Backpack covered in pieces of flair for carrying water, sweater & pants for when it cools off in the evening, and the rest of the goods!
- Notebook and coloured pens....cause that's how I roll!
- Music Festival Program so you can best choose which stage to hit up next

Speaking of hats...
We spent some time tying knots in weeds to add some hippy-decor to my fedora. Dan's pith helmet needs no extra decor, cause it's damn awesome as-is!

And here is BFF's What to Wear to a Music Festival. His also applies to "What to Wear While Napping at a Music Festival" those long hot summer days!

I'm linking up at Nicole's blog today with the What to Wear group. We're dwindling away! Won't you join us?

It was a long day, and we left about three songs in to Bruce Cockburn's set cause we were both yawning so darn much! But we had a lovely time. Highlights include:
- Seeing Martin Sexton perform twice!
- Meeting up with my friend Marilyn for a catch-up
- Discovering some new favourites: Shakey Graves, Rayland Baxter, Ron Hines, Rachelle van Zanten, The Milk Carton Kids...ummm...etc!
- Veggie burger from The Act food truck for dinner (so delicious)
- Our contraband beer...shhh, don't tell!
- Watching the sunset over downtown, and the beautiful moon come out, and the International Space Station zoom by overhead!

How have you been spending your long summer days?

later loves

p.s. I just changed some of the width settings
on my blog, so you'll notice some wonky
photos for the next little bit!


  1. Anonymous9:57 am

    I saw Rachelle Van Zanten last weekend!!! She was awesome. So freaking awesome AND she's coming to Jasper for the Folk Fest next month. Heck ya!

    Also, Shakey Graves! I want to marry that dreamy little hipster.

  2. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! =}


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