Friday, August 23, 2013

Project [This Is Your] Life

I am trying people. I am trying really hard.

The good news is, it's not taking over my life! The bad news is, it's not getting done.

Fits and starts, and good intentions, and realistic expectations are all coming in to play here.

But when I finally do sit down to play a little, it feels wonderful!

The photos on the left are Instgrams printed 4"x4" and placed in a Project Life 4x12 page protector. I have to cut the top off to fit in my 8.5x11 binder, and re-punch the holes, but I love these damn things!

Stickers and text right on the photos means I can add more photos and less fillers. Still needs some journaling though!

Super simple...missing some journaling still...and some background paper now that I look at it! Oops!

Here you can see how I incorporate my layouts into the body of my Project Life. I don't have a separate album for my "traditional" scrapbooking layouts, so they get inserted into the right week in my complete album. And these ones all happen to match! HA!

I made these layouts using the July kit from Treasured Memories...that I pulled together all by my little old self! I made a butt load of layouts and still have a tonne of product left over. I am awesome...

 With most of these latest spreads I have been focused more on adding photos and explaining them, then getting fancy with my embellishments. I guess it saves some time, but it also saves bulk and space in my book!

I write on my photos with an American Crafts Slick Writer, or this random old pen I found in my stash! Sharpies are also a good plan. When stamping on photos, use your StazOn ink.

Favourite supplies for PL: sticker labels! They are good for titles and journaling, and add a little extra colour and fancy things up a bit without adding too much time and bulk to the book. And they come in every damn colour now!

More pretty - and recent - layouts. Apparently I am on a sorbet-pastel-colour kick lately!

For this title card, I had mis-cut the papers in the slots below. So I ripped some washi tape to fit, used some sitcker letters and stamps and called it a night! I actually LOVE how it turned out and might use this technique for future weekly markers. Thank goodness for super wide washi.

I haven't shared everything here. There are still a lot of spreads not pictured that need a lot more work! But you get the idea. I have been working on weeks 17 through today...week 34. Yep, I am super behind! But I also enjoy taking my time and plodding away at it as I go. I haven't even touched the majority of the photos I printed from vacations this summer, but those will come.

I've learned something about life and Project Life in the past month or so. When you are feeling crummy about your life, it's really hard to want to document it. Good parts included. But at the same time, reliving those wonderful moments help take some of the sting out of the bad.

And that's my two cents for the day!

later loves


  1. I like the washi tape idea! I tend to put all of my photos in and then go back at the end of the month and do all the extra bits and journaling- I seem to like scribbling and drawing all on my photos. You PL is looking great!

  2. Roald Dahl quote for the FREAKING WIN!!! So rad. I love that card.

    Also, yay for Jasper times. Come back again soon, won't you? Our breakfast wasn't a long enough visit. I miss you already!

  3. your pages are fucking awesome!

  4. I love your pages - they're so free and whimsical and totally you. As for being behind, I think you know my feelings on that.... I have about four weeks done for the beginning of the year and maybe six more throughout and five of those weeks I did last week.... Eek! Totally miss your face - when things cool down around here (if they ever do....) we should schedule a meet up at TM and get some scrap on!

  5. I love your pages! They're so full of personality. That being said... I'm sorry you've been finding it difficult to get them done; as usual I would say to drop the pressure you're putting on yourself to keep up a little bit if you can manage. I totally understand what it's like to get behind and get into that mindset of "I suck because I can't keep up" but truth of the matter is: you're working. You're raising a kid. You're making a home. You are collecting plenty of memories by actually living out your life! If you can't make the time to sit down and spend a chunk of time putting all that into plastic pockets, THAT IS TOTALLY OKAY. Get to it when you get to it, and enjoy it when you do. If you do it and don't enjoy it, don't do it. Life's too fucking short.

    Adore you, btw. <3


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