Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Taste of Edmonton

We try to hit up Taste of Edmonton every year, at least once (sometimes more than once...). And I always complain about the crowds (full of idiots...geeze! have you never stood in a line before?!) and the lack of variety or interesting dishes (really...chocolate covered strawberries...whoopity doo), but I do enjoy myself! And this year I focused on getting some dishes that I wanted to try and dishes that I already know I like and wanted to eat more of!

On my menu this year:
Candied bacon! On a stick!! Yes it was as delicious as it sounds...
Deep fried pickles from Canadian Brewhouse
Dragon Eye rolls from Mikado
Tandoori Chicken samosa from Guru (I think...)
S'mores Fritters from Mercer Tavern (ermagherd so delicious...)
Fresh squeezed Lemonade!


Crack chicken from the Lingnan (it's not actually called that...)
Pasta with red sauce...yeah, Dude didn't share this!
Some kind of meat samosa that tasted like a chicken pot was weird.
Sorbetto & gelati from Fantasia for the boys

We have discovered that if you go right after work, you beat the evening crowds. And parking meters are free after six, so get there right at six and you're golden!

Dude really enjoys the big fountains in front of City Hall. No wading tonight, but he was happy to pose for a photo!

The night was so beautiful, I sat out in the yard and did some cloud gazing when we got home. Or maybe that was the next night?'s been a wonderful summer! Aside from these sniffles I am fighting with tonight (ARGH!) I am enjoying every minute of it!

later loves
photos taken July 8, 2013. Churchill Square, Downtown Edmonton.


  1. Those deep fried pickles look fab!

  2. I really wanted to try the deep fried pickles but I kept chickening out! Luckily Mercer Tavern has some on their menu for when I'm brave enough. I had the crack chicken too, as well as a mahi mahi slider that was lame, some amazing beef tenderloin, chocolate peanut butter truffle, tangerine ice cream sandwich from blue willow... hmmm. I think there was something else but I can't recall! Anyway, haha, it was pretty delicious this year! This weekend, Heritage days! :D


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