Tuesday, July 30, 2013


wanting // this tee from Etsy

needing // to get back to the gym. I am getting soft and my sleep is suffering for it!

feeling // crummy...I better not be getting a cold!

also feeling // so damn cold! It's freezing in here!

working on // doodling some narwhals...I mean, design stuff for work....yeah.....

looking forward to // putting on my warm, sparkly leggings when I get home, cracking a beer, and doing absolutely nothing! Or maybe I'll get some blog posts going...

planning //  the weekend's camping menu: lots of burgers and dogs and snacks!

missing //  The Dude! He is camping with his grandparents this week

thinking about // change, being brave, and late nights

I promise I have an actual blog post (almost) ready to go for tomorrow. It's another re-cap of my summer...I hope you like food!

later loves

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