Monday, July 29, 2013

July Long

Yes, I realize that was many weeks ago, but I am just now getting back in to the groove of blogging and posting. And finding the time and energy (and content) is hit and miss right now. So you're going to take what you can get, and you're going to like it! Wink...

I started the day off by sleeping in. I had a late (late late LATE/wonderful) night, and while I was still up early we were cutting it close to get to my blood donor appointment on time. That's right, people. I donated blood at 9:15 am on a holiday Monday. And boy howdy, was it already hot out!

I got praised for having great blood - never gets old - and took my standard (short) amount of time in the chair. Russ took a little longer - also as per usual - but that just meant more cookie and DS time for Dude!

Immediately after we were done, we headed out to Festival Place in Sherwood Park for the Canada Day party out there. We met up with Mom, Heath, Amy, Sean and the boys and just wandered around. Saw some creepy crawlies, got wet, played in the sand pit.

And then I fainted! The heat, plus the fact that I hadn't eaten enough after donating blood knocked me flat on my back. Quite literally! I came to with my sister sitting above me telling me I had fainted. Then the nice police officers and First Aid workers made sure I was okay, I had a rest under a shady tree, drank a lot of water and ate a lollipop and I was back on my way.

This frozen, chocolate and nuts covered banana was for my health, I swear. Also, sexual innuendos may have been inferred...

And then we watched some RC trucks race, Dude threw darts and paper airplanes, went in some bouncy castles, and then was feeling crummy. All three of us were sort of feeling crummy, so we decided to call it a day. After picking up some mini donuts from the Farmers Market of course!

We came home and just putzed around some more. I went over to Mom's for a much needed chat, and made another quick stop before picking up some groceries for dinner. Which we ate outside. I love eating outside...

Dude & I fell asleep early, and Russ couldn't wake us up for the fireworks! He headed down to Mill Woods park to try and meet up with his parents and watch them together. He didn't end up finding them, but he did have a lovely view of the show!

It was a long, hot, lovely day.

later loves


  1. It is so nice seeing your face around these ol' blog parts! Also you're fucking hilarious and I adore you. That is all. ;)

  2. Anonymous1:04 pm

    Whoa bro. You fainted!? That's scary. Take better care of yourself, would ya? Geez. ;)

    That banana looks amazing... especially in your mouth. ;) Bahaha. Gross.


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