Thursday, July 25, 2013

Oh A-Camping We Will Go!

This week's "What To Wear" theme is camping. And even though I don't have a trip scheduled for a couple of weeks, I was wearing a dorky shirt tonight and thought I would play along.

On a side note, like my new fence? Only a handful of plants were sacrificed for this beauty, and it's not even done yet! Grumble grumble...

There's nothing quite like a super dorky t-shirt to make this girl smile. This is what I get for a souvenir when Russel goes away. This and booze. At least he's got that figured out!
I'll have to take the shirt's word for it. If you want to get technical, this is Dude's shirt. Mine has the colours reversed, one size up.

For the full link up, check out this post on Nicole's blog (Gypsy in Jasper). There's some good'uns this week! And next time around - on the 8th I guess - we are showcasing what to wear in a thunderstorm. The plans are in the works people!

later loves


  1. Dorky t shirts are the best, especially for camping. =}

  2. I love that shirt! :)


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