Thursday, July 11, 2013

I'm Still Alive!

I have not gone into the witness protection program, or joined the circus or anything, don't you fret!

I'm just busy...big picture life stuff, y'know?

drinking // coffee, nectar of the gods
working on // updating this week's inventory report! Whee!
wishing for // a lime slurpee...magically transformed into a beergarita!
looking forward to // lunch with my favourite Candace!
planning // Road trip to Montana...we leave TOMORROW! Ack!
thinking about // smashing things, doodles, Bakugan, love
loving // this post...thank you friend.

I haven't been in the mood to blog lately, and for that I am kind of sad! I like hanging out here with you guys (whoever you may be...). I might try to finish up a "real" post tonight, because I like procrastinating when I should be packing for vacations!

later loves

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  1. Anonymous11:23 am

    It's good to see you back here. I hope that you have a wonderful day. Thinking of you! xo


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