Monday, July 15, 2013

Adventure Time!

K. So you know how I'm a total dork, right!?

I don't watch much TV (none really, unless it's an old movie on TCM), but I do love Adventure Time. You know, with Jake the Dog and Finn the Human?

I cheer. I clap my hands! I laugh and point. I giggle. I love that silly show!

I am generally quite the dorky dork when watching my pals Lumpy Space Princess, and Gunther the penguin, and the Ice King, and Jake's rainicorn girlfriend. And Finn with his luscious blonde locks tucked up under his hat. I can't decide if I want to be Finn or Wonder Woman for Hallowe'en...

The best is that Lucas knows I love Adventure Time, so he watches it with me even though he has no idea what's going on. And he remembers when it's on and reminds me. And he sings the song for me because I can never remember the words, but he does.

And the best is that there is another show on Teletoon that is completely ridiculous, weird and random just like Adventure Time. It's called the Regular Show. And Lucas recommended it to me after he saw a commercial, because Mom it's just like Adventure Time and you love Adventure Time.

I sure do buddy. But I love you bestest best.

later loves


  1. Hi ya! I'm a new reader of yours- found your blog by complete randomness, but when I saw Edmonton, I was hooked! Because I'm in Hinton!! Yay for knowing what you're talking about when you mention a store, etc!!! But anyways, I'm totally going to look to see if I have Teletoon so I can see these shows too. TV is always on the kids' channels, so it will be awesome when it's my turn to control it!! Have a fun day, I'm happy to have found a new blog friend :)

  2. I love Adventure Time! I've only seen the first season, but was totally hooked on it and can't wait for more episodes to land on Netflix. :)


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