Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Almost Perfect Weekend That Completely Blew My Mind

Presenting Friday: The bestest BEST symphony of the season. I mean wow. Really, just wow. No photo available...nerts. Then we headed to Whyte for drinks at the Next Act pub, where I was feeling like something "fruity" and "refreshing" (and BFF gave me the go-ahead) so I ordered a Grapefruit Radler. And the waitress asked me if I would like a shot of gin with it. Ack! Duh! And I think I did a little dance in my chair, and Dan agreed that she could replace him as my BFF.

Presenting Saturday: Early AM registration for TEDx Edmonton at the Citadel Theatre downtown! HELLO KARA! HELLO GINGER! HELLO NADINE!! What followed was many hours of inspiration and information and fun times with my fun girls. Oh, and Fred Penner. Did I mention Fred Penner was there?!

Highlight of TEDx was by far the balancing act from Cirque de Soleil's Amaluna...she got a standing ovation, yes she did.

Other highlights include the "Future of Money" Economist with that fabulous blue velvet blazer, and gentleman with the 3D printer. I should really be including their names in here, but my program is all the way upstairs...

After TEDx was done I rushed home, got changed and Dan picked me up  and we headed back downtown for dinner and a show! We sort of just wandered downtown (in the wind and the yuck) for a bit before stopping in at Chop for steaks. Fancy steaks. Uber fancy steaks. In a giant booth. Then we went and sat at The Rose & Crown for an hour & a bit (drinking) and waiting for the band to show up. And it was worth the wait because Ben Sures remembered my name. Hello Fan Girl!

We chatted a bit before the show, then the band came and sat with us during their break. Can I just explain the unbelievable awesomeness of this moment? I am not that cool. I do not make small talk with regular people in a normal situation, let alone with guys in bands, big or small. Ben even bought me a drink, and hugged me at the end of the night! My whole night was full of exclamation points and giggles and cheers and sheer awesomeness. Gobsmacked. Giddy. Gluten-free. Groupies!

It has become more and more important for me to document these simple, special moments in my life. Whether it be in Project Life - although less and less - in my scrapbooks, here on the blog, or in my journal. These are my DEFINING MOMENTS! These are the moments and the memories that I want to be with me when my life flashes before my eyes. So even if you think this post is el lame-o, I don't care. This is one of those posts that is for me. And if you enjoy it, and it inspires you to get out there and DO SOMETHING MAGICAL, then hoorah! And if not. That's cool too.

For me, this weekend was magic.

I texted Dan "first thing" (aka 11:30) on Sunday morning. It read: "I know that having more weekends like this would take the magic out of them, but wouldn't it be wonderful if more weekends were as (almost) perfect as this one?"

Answer: "Yes, it would be."

Indeed, my friend. Indeed.

later loves


  1. Anonymous8:42 am

    Oh man. I hate that I just read this. That puts a ton of pressure on for this weekend. ;)
    Just kidding, we're going to have a blast. I just know it! I can't wait to make weekend No. 2 totally rad. See you soon!!!

  2. A great weekend indeed.


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