Friday, June 14, 2013

It's Bikini Time

And pat-on-the-back time, because I wore one everyday! Except the first day. As soon as we got registered, and the porter brought our bags to our room, Dude & I put on our suits and jumped in the pool that was literally right outside our door. Let the vacation begin with a bang! I put my regular suit on, my backup suit, because I still wasn't sure. I still wasn't feeling 100% confident.

But by day two, I thought: "I am in Mexico with my family and a bunch of drunk buddies of my brother. I can do this!"
(I was photo-bombed many times...I love my family...)

And I think I pulled it off with aplomb. I felt great, beautiful, and I got an amazing tan! HA!

My boobs & ass only popped out once. Well, twice, because I didn't learn my lesson the first time. Getting out of the pool is tough when you are only wearing a smattering of fabric. Yep.

And I didn't leave the dork at home. No sirree...

I survived my first bikini test run! And now I am looking for any excuse to wear it again. Anyone planning any backyard pool parties in the near future?

I'm halfway decent at canonballs!

later loves


  1. Anonymous8:54 am

    Don't forget it when you visit. If the weather is good we can hit up the lake!! I just bought a new vintage bathing suit from ModCloth that makes me feel fan-freaking-tastic, so I'd also love an excuse to throw it on! Let's do this!!

    Also, you look great!! I love that you have so many variations. I think I see four different bathing suits happening up in there.

  2. You're so beautiful & I fucking love you!
    Urrrggggghhhh! (me. hugging. you. hard.)

  3. ps. I have really missed you here, there & everywhere

  4. This looks like such a fun trip and you look smashing in that bikini--yay for being brave!


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