Wednesday, June 19, 2013


eating // I had strawberries and Nutella for breakfast. That's sort of healthy right?

drinking // Nothing. I accidentally left my coffee in a meeting that I am not going back in to, that seems to be lasting forever! Desparate times!

listening // Office radio. Plays okay tunes, but the DJs are terrifying and I can never remember the name of the station.

enjoying // All the rain we've been having lately! Yes, I am one of those dorks who likes rain and snow. Precipitation party!

loving // My new moleskine...I love a fresh journal.

What I Should Be Doing // Working on creating a RACI Matrix for the Boss, but Excel and I don't get along.

What I Am Actually Doing // Blogging, texting my old work chums & bugging BFF.

looking forward to // Another amazing weekend! Ben Sures trolley concert + a trip to Jasper to visit Nicole.

dreaming // Of new outdoor furniture for my yard...I'm thinking something "couch-like".

thinking // If you go down the road you have been down before, at least you won't get lost. But isn't getting lost half the fun?

wondering // Where everybody went....hello out there!

feeling // Fuzzy-headed. I am having problems typing and concentrating this morning. I am blaming it on my late run last night, which meant late to bed. Also, see #2 above.

wishing // This work day would hurry up and be done!


  1. Woohoo your images are looking goo-ood without any stupid shadow border thing around them! Glad you got it figured out : )

    heart, Mel

  2. Precipitation party? Bahahaha. I totally snorted.

  3. Rain AND snow.... how are we friends? ;)


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