Saturday, June 01, 2013

June is a good month!

I like June. Russel's birthday and Father's Day. Dude is done school. The weather is beautiful, the days are longer. There is a giant full moon on the schedule. June is a good month. And in addition to the fact that we ARE IN MEXICO THIS WEEK there are some little things I would like to get done this month.

1. Go camping in the mountains. It has been years and years since we camped in the mountains. Pre-Lucas I think, actually! And I used to go all the time, so it is definitely something that I miss. Really, just "go to the mountains" is on the list. 2. Start an Summer Journal. I made an Instagram Blurb book of my entire (more-or-less) summer last year (that I still have to journal in....oops!) and it is an amazing book! I want to do something similar this year to celebrate my summer moments, both large and small.  3. Celebrate Russel's birthday in style. I feel kind of bad that I have loads of plans for the weekend after Russel's birthday (final symphony of the season, TEDx, Ben Sures concert), so I need to make it up to him. I don't think "but I took you to Mexico for my brother's wedding" is a good compromise! 4. Take off the training wheels! This is more of a goal for Dude, but it is important to me too. I know that I need to be more present and more focused on helping him grow and learn and stuff. The "being a Mom" stuff that I am hit or miss on. Training wheels and learning to ride his bike is important, so I have to step it up and make time for him! He is so close! And I am so excited for him...

I also want to register for my 5k, consider the possibility of running a 10k in the fall (?!), go to the park as much as humanly possible, eat dinner in the backyard, plant some things and keep them alive, go to the Farmer's Market, and keep doing brave things.

June, be prepared to have your butt kicked with awesomeness.

later loves

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