Monday, June 03, 2013

Project Life...I am SO BEHIND!!

So I am not quite caught up to where I want to be, but who cares?! Ill share a little more of what I have for you so far, and then we'll see what happens from here.

The end of WEEK 16. I realized I had more photos to go in after I had completed the spreads. Well, after I thought I had everything finished. So I added in this page, and now we're all good!

WEEK 17 >> So I forgot to print some photos. Obviously. Thank goodness for sticky note placeholders!

Still loving adding text on the pics. Still loving the simple layouts.

This was a busy week for me...apparently. There are lots of layouts to fit in as well.

Week 17 Highlights Include: Still getting adjusted to my new job! // it's finally starting to get warm out // crop night with my dorks // shopping for bathroom stuff // lots of painting // BFF's fabulous 30th birthday party!

I still have some things to finish up in here. Including add some layouts! Those sticky notes are the best!

I love this spread the best. Dorky and hungover. This is my life!

And so Week 18 begins....and does not end. This is where I lost the momentum, went to a weekend-long crop, got busy, lived my know how it is.

Yeah. Week 18 started strong. And then this happened.
At least I look really organized!

Hello Project Lifers! How goes it? Are you behind? Are you busy catching up? Have you given up??

later loves

p.s. I drafted this post weeks ago. I hope I have finished more of my PL since then, especially to get me caught up before heading to Mexico, where I am right now!!! I am so bleeping excited to get out of Dodge...but I do miss my Original Mexico Buddy! Hi BFF!! I hope Edmonton treats you well and you don't miss me too much while I'm gone. We will book a de-briefing on my return. Coffee, drinks, something wonderful. I will drink a mojito or ten in your name.


  1. Anonymous8:53 am

    I haven't PL-ed since Week 14. I have A LOT of catching up to do. It just seems I don't have time anymore. Or, maybe I just need a kick in the butt...

  2. I may or may not only have three weeks done. I'm ashamed that I just admitted that. But Oh well. I'll catch up? Maybe? Who knows?

    Hope you're having a BLAST in Mexico! Have some tequila shots for me!!!


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