Friday, May 31, 2013

Layout Flashback

Layouts for TM. I handed them in late, but I hope I won't get in trouble! Hi Nadine! I used the paper like you wanted! I hope it's okay...please don't fire me....
I had to go back to last year to print photos that worked. It really made me want to go camping and go to the lake! Summer, you better bring it this year!!

Cute!! Oh Bestest Best, I heart you.

This was Dude's "birthday party" last year. Camping at the lake, with some cake and presents and family time thrown in for good measure. He could spend everyday at the lake and be the happiest kid in the world. Hmmm....point taken....
Note to BFF: I want to go on an adventure here.......I'm serious. Just name the date, and I'll be there.

Any adventures planned for this summer? Close to home? Across the Universe?! I want to hear about it!!

later loves

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