Thursday, May 30, 2013

Power Leopard...Cow Bell

Power outfit? I take this to mean the outfit that makes me feel powerful. And beautiful, and comfortable, and strong. The outfit that shows the world who I really am. The outfit that makes me feel most like me.

And I was totally going to put on my new lime green sexy (wink wink) running shorts for this one, but I thought I would try something else.
yes I realize I am wearing jean shorts...bear with me!

This is the shirt I wear when I don't know what to wear. This is the shirt I wear on date nights and to follow-up interviews. And to baby showers that require a road trip to Calgary...apparently.

This is the shirt that I picked up on a whim in one colour, immediately wished I'd bought it in the other colour, put myself on a clothes-buying freeze, then watched it go on sale for half price. But I'm not bitter.

This is a shirt that makes me feel beautiful and daring and sexy. Not "lime green running shorts" sexy, but you get the picture. So I guess this is more a post about a power shirt. Pants are optional. Geeze, not like that!

Oh...and go to Nicole's blog for the complete What To Wear link list. That's where the "party" kicks off!

And go visit ViVi's blog! Because she might have fallen off the face of the blog-earth, but I believe this topic was her idea! Where are you ViVi?!

later loves

p.s. The title of this blog post is brought to you by Christian Hansen & The Autistic's "Cocaine Trade". Cause I like music, yo! This particular road trip is brought to you by Summer Road Trip Songs on Sirius XM's Classic Vinyl. Oh man, were my toes a-tappin' and steering wheel drum kit rockin' all the way to Calgary and back!

p.p.s. I took these photos at a random roadside turnoff on HWY 2 on Sunday afternoon. The prairie sky, and fields, and sunsets always put a smile on my face and make me feel at peace....


  1. Anonymous10:55 am

    I think I've seen you in this shirt IRL. I love the colour. And I love that everyone has their one go-to item that always saves the day.

  2. I think you nailed the power outfit! That shirt is great!

  3. Cool! That'd be nice to have a go-to piece like that.

  4. A shirt like that is a definite necessity--I don't know how you managed to resist buying up like ten more of them! Also PS I'm so jealous of that beautiful sky in your backdrop.

  5. If I had this shirt I would wear it all the time too- it's the perfect color and I love that it can be dressed up and down. Pretty impressed you stuck to your shopping hiatus even with the sale, that's not easy.


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