Thursday, May 16, 2013


And it's about damn time.

So the topic for What to Wear this week is "my favourite spring dress". Well, I don't know if it's my favourite, but it really needs to get more play. And the colours are weird, and the shape & fit. And it's not quite long enough....oh man. Can you tell this was an impulse internet purchase? I've cut myself off!
Dress // Modcloth (I think...)
Sandals // Saltwaters from Modcloth
Full Slip // Thrifted (is that embarrassing? I never can tell.)
Headband // Secondhand scarf
That face is cause I just ate a HUGE burger and some delicious beer-battered onion rings. Full belly! Oh dear...and then I played with my cotton candy. I am a laugh riot people, I tell you. That's why I'm such a popular dork.

For all the What to Wear goodness you could possibly handle on this gorgeous Thursday evening, check out the full link up on Nicole's blog. Cause I guess that was the whole point of this post! And also this...

that is all.

later loves


  1. Ha! I love this. All of it.
    I totally thrifted a slip too; they're so darn expensive new, like really? I'm wearing this UNDER a dress... I'll wash an old one, thanks. And the fact that you're not positve where your dress came from...hehe, :) cute outfit dude.

  2. Adorable outfit! I really love the print of the dress.
    I actually thrift all of my slips haha.

  3. Anonymous8:56 am

    Although you describe your dress in the least favourable way, I actually quite like it. I like the colours. I like the fit. I like the belt... and you look adorable when you grab your tummy that way, so basically, I love everything!

  4. You're adorable and so is your dress. Mostly, though, I'm jealous of how flawlessly you pull off a scarf in your hair! I'm pretty sure I just need an inch or two more before I can start attempting to copy!


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