Friday, May 17, 2013

Here comes the bride

It's been 10 Years + one week.

Some Facts About My Wedding:
1. I'm still good friends with all of my bridesmaids.
2. We had a big snow storm earlier in the week, but all the snow had melted and it was absolutely gorgeous by the weekend.
3. The lady DJ was flirting with my Uni buddies and actually played "Strokin"...dear...lord....
4. My sister got married at this same location in 2009, and Nadine was married there in 2008 (oh man, I hope I got that year right!)
5. Our wedding photographers (and most others) were still using film back then. The only digital pictures I have of my wedding are from some relatives, including this one.
6. My hair was REALLY SUPER BLONDE! Yikes!

There are loads of wonderful things I could say about my wedding, but we'll leave it there. It was a good day.

later loves


  1. Congratulations on 10 years!

    Yes, 2008, you were a trend setter. :)

    Welcome back, I missed you.

  2. Anonymous8:57 am

    TEN YEARS! My goodness. That's impressive. How have you put up with Russ that long!!?!? ;)

    Happy belated anniversary, friend!

  3. Sweet. Congratulations!!


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